Imam Mahdi’s Long Age

Based on another hadith narrated from the Shiite scholar, Sheikh Sadouq, narrating from Imam Sadeq AS, narrating from Prophet Mohammad PBUH: “Adam aged 730 years, Noah aged 2450 years, Abraham aged 175 years, Ishmael aged 120 years, Isaac (son of Abraham) aged 180 years, Jacob (son of Isaac) aged 140 years, Joseph (son of Jacob)... Continue Reading →


Discussion between Prophet Mohammad and the Major Religions

(ترجمه فارسی) Imam Sadeq AS narrates a discussion between Prophet Mohammad PBUH and a group of 25 scholars, who were disciples of 5 different religions: Jews, Christians, Naturalists, dualists (like Mazdayasna) and idolists: The jewish group started the debate and asked: “We believe that Uzair is God’s son. We want to know your opinion about... Continue Reading →

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