Imam Jafar Sadegh

Abdullah bin Yahya Kaboli approached Imam Sadeq AS and asked him for a doa during his travels. He said: Sometimes when I travel, and in my way, I face a wild animal, and I am much frightened.

Imam replied: Do as I will tell you, and no danger will harm you. When you see a wild animal, read Ayatol-Korsi and afterwards say this sentence: (translated into English) O God I intended to travel trusting you, and trusting Mohammad, and trusting Solomon bin David, and trusting Amirul-Mo’emenin and the rest of the imams. And the animal would not harm you at all.

One day Abdullah started a trip with his cousin (on his father’s side), and during the journey, they faced a wild animal. He did as Imam had said, and the animal returned and went away. His cousin was astonished by the incident. He was not a Shiite then, but seeing the scene, asked about its reasons, and when learning about Imam Sadeq AS became a Shiite.

After a while Abdullah again approached Imam and retold him how the animal had not harmed him, by doing what Imam had said. Imam then replied: Did you think that I was not watching you? You made a terrible mistake. I am with all my friends, my ear hears what they hear; my eyes see what they see; and my tongue speaks for them. The sentence that you said was in fact my order spoken by you; and the proof is that you and your cousin who did not believe in us by then, were standing by a river. He became a Shia on that day and his name is registered in the list of our Shiites.

Shia Alavi, Mazhab Jafari, p. 62 – 63

Imam Sadeq AS:

We are the origin of all goodness, and from us originates all virtues.

Our enemies are the origins of all evil. All abomination and immorality is subordinate to them.

Lies, stinginess, gossiping (reporting one’s words that you know would cause trouble if others hear them), mischief making, usury, transgressing Godly limits, committing all kinds of sins, whether hidden or overtly, adultery, theft, and the like all belong to them.

Liar is a person who assumes he is one of us, but behaves like those against us.

Shia Alavi, Mazhab Jafari, p. 72 – 73
Kafi Vol. 8, p. 243

Imam Sadeq AS:
There are groups of people gathering together in mosques, as if they are our representatives. But they have nothing to do with us, and we have nothing to do with them.
I hide myself away from them, but they keep intruding my privacy. May Allah take away their privacy!
They keep calling me imam, but I swear to God that I am not their Imam. I am Imam only to those who take heed of my words, and those who disobey my instructions, I am not his Imam. They do not belong to my name.
But why do they keep repeating my name. God please do not bring them and I together in one place.

Shia Alavi, Mazhab Jafari, p. 76
Kafi Vol. 8, p. 374

Imam Sadeq AS told one of his friends named ibn Jondab:

Oh Jondab! Send our message to our Shiites and tell them: Beware of being enticed by different religions and groups, because our vilayat will only be bestowed upon those who remain pious, and struggle hard in this world, and who help their fellow-brothers for the satisfaction of God.

Shia Alavi, Mazhab Jafari, p. 76
Mostadrak-ul-Vasayel, Vol. 11, p. 272


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