Imam Mahdi

Based on another hadith narrated from the Shiite scholar, Sheikh Sadouq, narrating from Imam Sadeq AS, narrating from Prophet Mohammad PBUH:

  • “Adam aged 730 years,
  • Noah aged 2450 years,
  • Abraham aged 175 years,
  • Ishmael aged 120 years,
  • Isaac (son of Abraham) aged 180 years,
  • Jacob (son of Isaac) aged 140 years,
  • Joseph (son of Jacob) aged 120 years,
  • Moses aged 126 years,
  • Aaron aged 133 years,
  • David aged 100 years,
  • And Solomon (son of David) aged 712 years.”

📙Ein-ul-Yaghin, Vol. 2, Chapter 16, p. 166.

Imam Mahdi AS said:
“The second absence has started; so, do not expect my re-emergence unless by God’s permission and after a long while during which hearts will be full of cruelty, and the earth would be full of injustice.”
📙Kamal-u-din p. 516

Imam Mahdi AS said,
“I seek refuge in God, of blindness after vision and radiance; of being misled, after guidance; of the things that wipe away the effects of good deeds; and of annihilating tests; because God Almighty has said, “Do people assume merely saying that they believe is enough, and that they would not be tested for what they claimed?”.”
📙Bahar-ul-Anvar, Vol. 53.


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