Imam Ali Describing Fate

Imam Ali AS was asked: How did you recognize God? He replied: By the cancellation of decisions and the failure of ambitions. So many ambitions I planned that were suspended, and so many decisions I made that were contradicted by fate. Then I realized that there is a more powerful will overriding my will. Elm-ul-Yaghin,... Continue Reading →


Angels or Humans?

(ترجمه فارسی) Abdullah bin Sanan asked Imam Sadeq AS: Are angels better or the humans? Imam Sadeq narrated from Imam Ali AS and replied: God created angels with intellect, but without lust; and animals with lust, and without intellect. Now, if anyone possesses more intellect than lust (has been able to restrain his/her lust), that... Continue Reading →

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